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Low Budget Effective Marketing Ideas For Realtors

The real estate market is changing everyday at the blink of an eye. We have gone from tubes in the for sale sign to scanning a QR code for a virtual tour, new mobile apps, and social media that continue to simplify home searching and selling. And the competition among all agencies continues to intensify.


Real estate agents thrive on local contracts and connections that build a strong reputation. And staying active in your community helps. Attend social events like a business get-together or a community awards ceremony, visit town festivals, join a committee-anything that can help keep your name and face at the top of everyone's mind.


Its common practice to ask past and current customers for referrals, mainly because the referrals typically prove to be successful. But you can take them a step further by promoting a cash incentive to anyone who sends a new paying client your way. You can let people know about your program on your business card or their collateral material post. Also on your website! And you only pay when you've got a sure sale-no casual interest seekers allowed.


Social media is a whole monster its self. The fastest and most effective way to communicate and advertise. It provide a way for you to market your properties and your brand image. And you don't even have to spend a dime. By your own choice. Create a free business profile for people to follow, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other platforms. Use the platforms to showcase your clients stories and show your listings. Encourage your clients to leave you reviews on your social media pages. Share your listings in different local social media groups or the Facebook marketplace.


Marketing isn't about selling, its about making the right relationships and providing value to those you meet. And real estate marketing is no different. If you want to prove your value create a simple blog website that showcases your brand, your listings, and your vision. In a blog like this one, you can offer selling and buying tips on how to choose the perfect home, decorating ideas, popular trends in homes, moving checklist, and some of your success and horror stories you have overcome. You can make these blog post shareable on all social media platforms, just like this one is to be shared on Facebook.


Since we are on the subject of marketing, it's essential you put just as much if not more emphasis on your video rather than textual marketing strategy. Videos are more powerful than textual content with statistics showing companies using video get 41% more web traffic from search than non-video users. However you break it down a video is in everyone's budget and is a great investment.


Online review show how credible you are. And are what help the customer make their decision in who they pick to be their realtor. We can create you a platform of reviews that can be seen on your website on on your social media. Making them more visible. Another great place to ask for reviews is on your google business profile. Since we all use google, the review and your featured photos or current listings will be seen when people are searching for you using google.

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