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3 New Google App Campaigns Features Coming in July

Google is reinventing its Universal App Campaigns (now called Google App Campaigns) with three new features coming this July:

Value Bidding: Facebook advertisers have been able to use value bidding, AKA “target return on ad spend” for a while. Google App Campaigns advertisers will be able target this way, too.

Similar Audiences: Similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences, Google App Campaigns will let advertisers find new users similar to their existing users. Pairing this new feature with value bidding could radically improve your return on ad spend.

Ad Groups: “Starting in July, you can set up multiple ad groups in the same campaign and tailor the assets in each ad group around a different “theme” or message for different customers.”

How These Changes Fit Into Google App Campaigns’ Evolution

From its inception, Google launched Ads so advertisers could promote their apps across different platforms — from within one advertising system. That’s still possible of course, but it’s meant that creative is handled in a modular way across the different platforms.

Instead of uploading whole ads, you upload ad elements. And if you want good results, it’s best to upload a variety of creative assets: Text, images, and videos.

As Google says:

Unlike most Google App Campaigns, you don't design individual ads for App campaigns. Instead, we'll use your ad text ideas and assets from your app's store listing to design a variety of ads across several formats and networks. All you need to do is provide some text, a starting bid and budget, and let us know the languages and locations for your ads. Our systems will test different combinations and show ads that are performing the best more often, with no extra work needed from you.

This clearly leaves less for us humans to do, but that’s the nature of user acquisition right now — the machines have taken over many of the old levers of control; though we believe that creative is still best developed by humans. And even in the case of Google App Campaigns, it’s the humans supplying the creative elements. We just now have to step back and let the machines figure out how to use those pieces of creative most efficiently.

The machines are pretty good at this, too. And given how broad and varied Google’s advertising platform is, it’s not a bad idea to let the AI figure out how best to run your ads across different channels, like the Play Store, other apps, Google search, and YouTube.

But even with great creative elements, there’s still a lot of expertise required to run optimal campaigns on this platform.

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